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ABCD Pro-1™ Gem Testing Set
Product Code#:9003
The ABCD Pro-1™ Gem Testing Set consists of 16 pieces of essential conventional instruments for gem testing-


Instruments included : (1) Darkfield Pro-1 adaptor for B-Light; (2) Professional 10x Loupe (3) AGIL-Smart Polariscope Pro-1 (4) C-D Loupe™ (Colour Filter + 10x Loupe + Dichroscope) (5) AGIL Prism Spectroscope (6) UV Blacklight 365nm (long wave) (7) Reflective Diffuse Block (8) B-Light Diffuse Adaptor (9) B-Light Pro-1 Light Torch (Standard Incandescent Light Bulb) (10) Special Spectroscope Stand SSS & Gemstone Rotatable Stage (11) Spectroscope & UV Blacklight Adaptor (12) Conoscope Glass Sphere (13) Claw Style Stone Holder (14) Stainless Steel Tweezers (15) Premium Quality Diamond & Gems Cloth (16) Black Lanyard

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